Poseidón (Read the description)

Creator: @alfonsoj
A few years ago I was reading about Greek mythology, I observed some images of the Gods of Olympus. From that moment I said that I would make some similar creations but with improvements that would make those creations look much better than in the book I read. Being here at the clinic because of the virus, I take advantage of the time that I am alone to create pieces that I have long wanted to make. Always hidden since they sent me absolute rest. However, I don't feel so bad. I created this piece of the Greek God Poseidon, lord of the seas. I am very attracted to the waters and the oceans, they have many secrets. Its resolution is 5600 x 5040 px (28.2 MP). JPG format. Size 11.7 MB. However, when acquiring this unique piece, I will also send you a much larger image. JPG format. Resolution 11200 x 10080 (112.9 MP) Size 56.7 MB. Which I could not upload here in NFTShowroom since the maximum is 30 MB. The pieces that I will include in this new collection will have the same style and quality as this one. I hope that like me, you are passionate and attracted to Greek history and mythology. Read more
Collection: Greek Gods
Total Edition(s): 1


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