Psochedelic butterfly

Creator: @kork75
Hi, here is my latest digital creation👨‍🎨. ENG🇬🇧 “I edit my photographs with digital photo editing (images are arranged, modified, edited, through processing programs and apps). My shots become original, modern, and stunning works of art. The technique used is based on images (photographs) that I superimpose, clone or transform, changing characteristics such as shape, colour, shadow and size using decorative modules and more. All this to arouse an emotion triggered by my sensitivity, all, using my photographic memories. With this creative art form, I express my innermost feelings in this way. With these digital creations of mine, I feel free and inspired to draw and create what I like and try to convey it to those who look at my compositions”. Read more
Collection: New Creation by @kork75
Total Edition(s): 1


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kork75 alezambo 1 Limited Reproduction N/A