"Glider" is the third of a series of three. It was preceded by "Acorn" and "Beacon". It is made up of a fractal image generated on a 6000x6000px canvas. I then used strictly a 1px pencil or brush with colours borrowed by eye dropper. The image is overlaid with a texture taken from a photgraph of an opaque glass door. Each work in the series is meant to be a child-like collision between chaos, figure and landscape. There will only ever be one tokenised copy of this work which grants full-commercial rights to the owner. The buyer of the token is also entitled to contact me to receive a copy of the full resolution uncompressed file. The image you receive on purchase has been compressed to 92% to meet upload restrictions. I will know your identity by asking you a question that can only be answered if you own the token - the answer is hidden in the image you receive. The image is signed at pixel resolution bottom right. Read more
Collection: LOOK! - Life Series
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 200 SWAP.HIVE