Gift of the gab

Creator: @ammonite
This piece is the official image of my 2013 sand sculpture which I created for the Dublin Castle sand sculpture exhibition. As you may know, sand sculpture is an ephemeral art form and so this piece does not exist anymore, all that is left are memories and a collection of photos. This is my favourite image of the piece. The work is about the Irish people's love of talking and storytelling. I was inspired by the work of Samuel Beckett and his play 'Not I' where the mouth becomes a machine gun of words and has been performed by some amazing actresses such as Billie Whitelaw, Julian Moore and Lisa Dwan. You will find a fully detailed post on my blog but for now, I will just let the sculpture do the talking. Read more
Collection: The sand sculpture collection
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 300 SWAP.HIVE