Inner Vison

This acrylic pouring was created by mixing acrylic paints with pouring medium and mixing different colors together by pouring the desired colors together inside of a toilet paper roll and tilting the canvas to allow shapes and patterns to develop organically. Humanity has long created artificial division in an ineffective paradigm characterized by extremes in wealth and power distribution in extractive global systems of takers and losers, aggressors and victims and a win-loose mentality marked by divisiveness and attitudes of superiority. The piece was inspired by my friend Gregs's remarkable inclusiveness vision and efforts to create a more just and livable world for all. The use of color in this piece was intended to show how different colors can naturally create a visually appealing piece inspired by emergent qualities in collaboration and real-world projects with the aim to increase the quality of life of people in some of the most disadvantaged and under-privileged communities around the world. Developing ethical and transparent, regenerable power grids in Liberia where power is incredibly hard to come by, inefficient and highly toxic, developing crypto currencies which honor American military veterans, and in personal connections assuring people who most need encouragement of their inherent human dignity and capacity to add value to the world stems all stem from a vision of a world defined by the respect for all human life. The glitter represents the magic and transformative power of truly altruistic intentions behind outward actions. Read more
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 160 SWAP.HIVE