Man Becomes Holy

#NFTSR10K This is an NFT taken from a small painting on found wood – very old wood – from the medieval quarter of Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. The original painting is 24 x 19 x 2 cm, in oil, gold acrylic paint and pencil. It’s a painting with many layers, built up over a year or so. It was fairly experimental and organic. This man speaks to the balance; to the peaceful, harmonious aspect of being – of self-control and good use of power – of directed, conscious strength, and taking care of the play, of the other players, of the effects of his actions. I feel that we’re going through an important transition in human consciousness, where we are re-educating the masculine (in ourselves, in men, in the collective, in power structures, business, politics) to include the sensitive, the intuitive, the *felt*, the *subtle*. And that this bodes very well for a future with much less abuse of power. AS WITH ALL MY NFTs, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION IMAGESNFT Read more
Collection: The Sacred Masculine
Total Edition(s): 1


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