Shaken Potions Syndrome

So, you found a glass bottle with a pretty potion in it ... and you're wondering if you should shake it up like soda pop. I have done the experiment on more than 30 such bottles, and I am presenting you the results with an appropriate soundtrack. Shake up potion bottles that you find on your quests at your own risk ... or just watch the video and avoid the clean up and the reversing of all the problems colorful fractal magic splattering everywhere can cause! (In reality, this was ONE FRACTAL, colored in several different palettes and recolored within the gradient of those palettes in Apophysis -- a simple change in coloring gets us either subtle changes within a scene OR from a bottle to an absolute explosion of color that tests whether the edge of the picture can hold it!) Read more
Collection: Fractal Glassine
Total Edition(s): 3


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