Thirst Root

Creator: @mkungla
This is a photo of the oil painting I painted around 2011. It was the very first time I painted something. At that time I knew nothing about painting or how to paint. 10 years later comes this NFT which is the very first NFT I published. I have placed it as private since it is the first one of both worlds and therefore makes it rare for me. This painting has a story to tell about the time I lived in The Netherlands. I painted this January 2011 in the middle of the night at one artist studio in Amsterdam. This painting started as nice late-night riverside nature with a campfire next to a tree. It was just about when that "unnamed" artist had made me a compliment. That I'm doing well for a beginner! I decided to paint one of the tree roots to bite the water from the river ..... Everything you see on top of it - came to be fairly quickly without much thinking and is my abstract expression. "Everything has much more depth than what we might see at first look and most of the time these are just those tiny details that matter." When this original painting will go to the auction first time together with the full story. Then after the public auction has been closed. The holders of this NFT can participate and place a bid on a private NTF holders-only week-long auction. NFT holders whose bid qualifies overall 4th can purchase that painting for themselves. Or claim the purchase difference between the highest public auction bid and their bid if the initial winning bidder still wants to buy it of course. The story of the morning after that night "The Hole" Who made the hole? I did. Who lives here? I do. Who are you? Isn't that what you are here to say? That is no answer. Isn't it? Who lives here? I do. Who are you? I am somebody else entirely. Who is that? It's other. It's what? It's other. What are you doing? I compete. What? I'm competing against myself. Why do you do this? I envy her. And she? She made me. And who made the hole? I did. Read more
Collection: Thirst Root Privilege
Total Edition(s): 5


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mkungla mkungla 1 Private 500 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
mkungla definitelyn0tme 2 Private N/A
mkungla mkungla 3 Private 125 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
mkungla mkungla 4 Private 125 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
mkungla ooakosimo 5 Private N/A