Under The Microscopes of The Cosmos

For my debut piece on NFTShowroom, I'm putting out an ambient single that I'm extremely proud of. I realized early on in my NFT journey that I would need a compelling visual component to accompany my compositions ... I've gradually built a set of hardware video synthesis tools that are responsive to the CVs (control voltages) traversing the modular synth I compose these pieces on. Using these tools I'm able to improvise sonically and visually at the same time with cellular-level symbiosis that would be impossible with conventional reactive video .. collaging the best moments of both into an organic work that evokes more than the sum of its parts. Under The Microscopes of the Cosmos was always compositionally centered around the introduction of the baroque bass movement halfway through ... and I did multiple passes to try and capture a visual both sonically responsive and stoically evocative. The piece evokes a gradual zoom under microscopics of a universe gestating ... this central moment is when the converging elements finally align and force is applied. Read more
Collection: Showroom Ambience 2021
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 75 SWAP.HIVE