Dayana the witch. FULL MOON

Dayana the witch. FULL MOON Sergei could not sleep for a long time. A lot of hard thoughts never stopped spinning in my head. He thought about the job, which again piled up so much that he wanted to quit. About a car that one of his acquaintances recently bought, and of which he had only to dream for a long time. He also wondered how the bright disk of the moon continued to shine into his eye through the tightly drawn curtains. Oh, it's a full moon. Since childhood, he could not sleep well at this time ... There was a distinct knock in the silence of the empty room. Sergei glanced at the electronic wall clock. By winking with two small dots, they eagerly informed us that it was exactly 2:22 now. "So I fell asleep after all ..." - the guy managed to think before the knock was repeated again. The sound came from the side of the window. - No, this is some kind of nonsense, - Sergey muttered to himself. - Half of the third night, tenth floor ... It is, for sure, the wind swayed the trees by the window, and the branch again hits the glass. The knock was repeated. This time it was even louder and clearer. Trees do not break into glass like that. There was no doubt that there was someone behind the curtains. The guy went to the window, drew back the curtains and saw behind the glass in the light of the full moon a beautiful girl with dark flowing hair in a long black dress. The night visitor was sitting on a wide branch of a tree, casually holding a broom with a long shaft in her hands and fervently winking at Sergei with bright green eyes. For a few more seconds, the guy stared out the window, dumbfounded. And then he decided that if he was already crazy enough to see a girl outside his window with a broom in her hands, then there would be nothing wrong with becoming even a little more crazy and talking with his hallucination. Sergey opened the window and asked: - Who are you? - Witch, - the girl smiled. - And what are you doing here? - I'm sitting, - the girl laughed, she obviously got great pleasure, watching the dumbfounded face of the guy. - Will you invite me in? - Um ... Well, probably ... - Then step aside. With these words, the guest deftly jumped from the branch (fortunately, it was really located very close to the window) onto the window sill, and then gracefully descended from it to the floor. - You would hide behind something or something, - the witch looked mockingly at Sergei, - I'm still a lady. At that moment, the guy realized that he was really standing in front of his guest in the same outfit in which he went to bed a couple of hours ago, that is, almost naked. Quickly grabbing jeans and a T-shirt from the chair, he muttered some awkward apology and disappeared into the bathroom. Sergei turned to the mirror. From there a tall brown-eyed guy with dark, slightly curly hair looked at him in surprise. - Well, tomorrow to see a psychiatrist? He asked his reflection thoughtfully. The reflection shook its head involuntarily. It clearly did not want to go to a psychiatrist and tried to assure its master that this thought should be abandoned for now. When the guy returned to the room, he found the witch sitting in an easy chair with a glass of wine in her hands. She obviously borrowed wine and a glass from Sergey's closet. “You don’t know how to choose wine,” she said with such an air as if the bottle had been bought exclusively for her arrival. Or will I arrive? “This is a gift,” the guy replied, realizing that for some reason he was trying to justify himself in front of a green-eyed stranger. The girl nodded, finished her wine in silence, and set the empty glass on the coffee table. - Maybe you something ... - the guy began to speak in confusion. - To treat? Oh no, don't. My broom gets angry when I eat at night, and then it gets bratty during the flight. - So who are you after all? - I told you. Witch. - What is your name? - Is it so important? - Maybe yes. Since you are sitting in my chair and drinking my wine, I can at least know your name. My name is Sergey. - I know your name. I've been watching you. My name is Dayana. What a beautiful name, the guy thought. "Almost as beautiful as herself ..." “Thanks for the compliment,” the witch smiled. - And don't make such a dumbfounded face. Yes, I can read your mind. Do you want to fly with me on a broomstick? A little later, when they were already flying over the night city, Sergei himself could not answer the question of why he agreed. Maybe it was because of the perky lights in Dayana's bright green eyes, which simply hypnotized him? The broom was long enough for two people. But still I had to sit very close to each other. Sergei clasped the witch's thin waist and felt a wonderful floral scent emanating from her long hair fluttering in the wind. It seemed to him that these moments were the happiest in his life. He only wanted the flight to last forever. The wind swept the skirt of Dayana's long dress, and the girl's long slender legs were constantly revealed to the guy's eyes. When he finally looked up from them, he saw that the view below was no less impressive. The lights of houses and street lamps were shining, leaves rustled in the branches of trees, and very quiet music came from somewhere. Sergei has never seen his hometown so beautiful. The flight continued and finally they approached the river. The broomstick landed smoothly, allowing its riders to gently descend to the shore, and then easily flew into Dayana's hand. The witch sat down right on the ground, melted the hem of her dress and lowered her bare feet into the water. Sergei watched her, fascinated. If he were an artist, he would certainly want to paint the picture that he saw now. - You can, - smiling with only eyes, the girl replied to the still not asked question. The guy sat down next to her, hugged her, thought for a second, and suddenly kissed her lips impulsively. In response, she gently ran her hand through his hair, disheveled by the night wind, tenderly kissed his forehead and ... At that moment everything suddenly disappeared. Sergei woke up in his room. An electronic wall clock, winking with two small dots, willingly informed him that it was exactly 2:22 am. And only the smell of flower perfume was in the air, and for some reason the window was wide open, although the guy remembered exactly that he had closed it last night. The full moon was shining from behind a tree branch tapping regularly against the window pane. Read more
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