A Bacterial Omnivore Nematode

The Bacterial Omnivore Nematode pictured here was found in our Mango Kush soil container using a Trinocular Shadowing Microscope. Most Nematodes in our soils are not pathogenetic. Nematodes can help heal disease and cycle nutrients in the soil. The Nematode pictured here will eat other nematodes and bacteria. While they prefer to eat Pathogenetic Root feeding Nematodes when eating other nematodes they will eat other nematodes too. This beneficial microorganisms will also prefer bacteria when not eating other nematodes or other various organisms it can fit into it's mouth. Their diet may change through out their life cycle. I included a unlockable MP4 of this nematode that is over two minutes long. There is a good chance this might be a F. composticola Nematode. Read more
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