Carroll and David

Carroll and David As a gift to friends. Illustration for their fan fiction Sai And here there is no debauchery) chest is not debauchery) Have you already thought of it?) In great secret - they all had and will be there - so you don’t even have to think it over) but not in this scene) David gentleman) But if you don't make him angry) Well, I think no one will be a gentleman if he is angry and mocked) The mistake of the "creators" is when they think that by creating a creature that can feel, they can demonstrate their power with impunity ... sooner or later the answer to these actions follows.) in my opinion, each of his actions is justified cruelty, or rather even so ... this is not cruelty, but forced measures. People for him are enemies, oppressors who have held in slavery for more than half a century and did not recognize the right to be considered alive. All those people whom David loved or was attached to simply used him. And he is too smart not to understand this. and this is really real cruelty. Now he creates his family, his children. And unlike his creators, David doesn’t throw a chain on xenos, he doesn’t hold them for live toys and does not oppress and humiliate them, but sincerely admires and loves them. Read more
Collection: Carroll and David
Total Edition(s): 2
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