Undertaker Undertaking

There are times when the routine hardly bearable. To survive it, we devise methods to lighten it up. Undertaker Undertakings is part of a series using surreal elements. It is a piece built on upon the various works of the Jewish surrealist painter Felix Nussbaum. He was born 1904 in Osnabruck and died 1944 with his wife, in the Auschwitz concentration camp. As of 2015, Nussbaum's work entered public domain. This is a very special series for me and I've started minting these token on KnownOrigin during January 2021. I will expand the series with unpublished pieces such as this on new platforms. Limited Edition of 1. Minted on NFT Showroom, April 2021.

Collection: Surreal Art

Creator:  @hulkiokantabak

Total Edition(s): 1

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hulkiokantabak 1 Limited Reproduction 1250 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)