Crypto Jonny

„Faces“ Collection 2020 No. 015 Name: Crypto Jonny Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 22 Likes: Internet, Coffee, Strawberry’s, Eating Toothpaste, Gold Dislikes: Meat, Socializing, Shares, Christmas, Light About: Johnny was able to steal 3087,063 Bitcoin at the age of 14 through a major hacker attack. Since then he has been looking for „THIS ONE“ blockchain project and invested in some incredibly stupid startups, to date none of his investments have made a profit and he has only 0.0042 Bitcoin and a gold chain left.

Collection: Faces

Creator:  @mikiad.visuals

Total Edition(s):   2

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mikiad.visuals 1 Private 200 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
mikiad.visuals 2 Private 200 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)