Damnitiel the Angel of war - Special photoshop edit.

Creator: @gooze
Damnitiel is the angel of war that fought against the serpent demon, this is another character of the series of characters I am creating for my story of war between angels and demons. --- After a bloody battle with the serpent demon, this angel is already beginning to feel quite tired and very badly injured, little by little he is losing his grace and his powers because, by his trust in his divine power, he goes down to the demon´s domains which makes his powers drain little by little and with that, weakening, he no longer has much angelic power to be able to stand up and his halo and wings begin to break, his face, after receiving so many blows The marks are already beginning to be noticed, normally, due to their incredible ability to heal very quickly, they are not usually seen fighting marks, but this time it is different, his only hope is to channel all his power into the ax to launch an attack that can end with both at the same time because he knows that he does not have long to live. *special photoshoped edit of an ink drawing. Read more
Collection: ink and digital
Total Edition(s): 1