Satoshian- bc1qr50ac3xushz95a73kyq2dp56lkeandg4fq0f92

Creator: @hashbots
Satoshian- bc1qr50ac3xushz95a73kyq2dp56lkeandg4fq0f92 Hive Solar System BTC Council The Satoshians were born and bred on the Planet Satoshi with their own unique BTC identification number. They all have extremely unique personalities and traits but all have the same common goal, to live life abundantly as free and sovereign people with an uncorrupted economy. The Satoshians are the creators and leaders of the HashBot Army that was created to save the Blockchain Galaxy against the evil Central Banking Federation. Read more
Collection: HashBots- BTC Council on HIVE
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 1000 SWAP.HIVE