Girl in the big city

Created in 2007, updated in 2021. When I first moved to NYC, I finally felt free to be myself. A few months later I saw a girl at a student fashion show who was walking down the runway with the same expression I imagine I had when walking down the street along Central Park at night: joy, freedom, confidence. I drew her likeness with illustration markers and then used a glue transfer technique to add it to this image of NYC. It's been recently scanned and digitized so I could bring it to hive. Read more
Collection: Transferring
Total Edition(s): 10


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nikkinicole bullauge 1 Private N/A
nikkinicole juanmiguelsalas 2 Private N/A
nikkinicole tonalspace 3 Private N/A
nikkinicole inhaledelium 4 Private N/A
nikkinicole janasilver 5 Private N/A
nikkinicole bullauge 6 Private N/A
nikkinicole pacolimited 7 Private N/A
nikkinicole indextrader24 8 Private N/A
nikkinicole serialfiller 9 Private 38 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
nikkinicole glogurl 10 Private N/A