DJ & Switchboard

This art is made out of equal sized squares and is part of Artsquares collection. All the pieces are unique. You can reassemble it and make any modifications to it using parts from other Artsquare pieces. Do it easily at or with any image processing program. You may display the reassembled work as part of your collection. Meaning: use the art you bought as stated in private reproduction rights but with the extra right that you can decide which pieces you use, make new image by reassembling the squares and display that. Small file: 112 kb, 300 x 300 px, RES 100. Unlockable zip file: 270 kb containing art squares 41-44 (each 200 x 200 px, RES 300) and a DJ next to a switchboard 132 kb, 400 x 400 px, RES 300. Read more
Collection: Artsquares
Total Edition(s): 20
List Price: 4 SWAP.HIVE