Krishnokoli - Flower of the night

Creator: @kinab
Watercolor painting. Canvas paper size: 37*28 cm. This art piece of mine is one where I have used watercolor on canvas paper. The size of the paper is 37*28 cm. With this range, the alignment of the painting is balanced as my focus was the vertical view rather than the horizontal one. Before starting a painting, it is important to map out your image and make a draft in your head. Once this phase is over, it is much easier to brush it down. The varieties of round brushes that I have used in this painting were sizes 0, 1, 5 & 8. As you can observe, different gradients of color are present, it complements the contrasting colors too. Alike, red-blue, green-black, are complementing each other. The watercolors that I have used are vivid as I have narrowed the shadows by stroking a depth to them. The process of making a satisfying painting with watercolors is all about patience and planning. Once you move step by step and align your colors according to the choice of your background it is easier to specify your ideas and guide them into perfection through your imagination. After the background is complete, the next step involves segment painting. In this phrase, each part of the painting in which different colors and designs exist is given extra attention. Each combination of color, design, outline, depth for each individual segment or part is given extra study. Finally, comes the stage of specification and final touch. In this stage, artists mainly focus on highlighting, creating depths, and giving a final touch to the painting. In my personal opinion, this segment is the satisfaction zone, when the painter is already satisfied with their painting and is about to add special details if needed. Read more
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