Hive Zombie EUC Rider!

This one’s personal! In fact, right after I tokenize this artwork on NFTShowroom, I’ll be changing my Hive profile photo to this image. During the spring of 2020, I finally bought an EUC [electric unicycle]. With learning to ride it, came a big investment in gear and safety equipment. I started a series of EUC VLOG’s, riding throughout Minneapolis, talking about life, art, Hive and blockchain. I decided I needed a proper logo for the VLOG, and I finally finishing inking this piece. It’s a depiction of myself, in full EUC gear, as a zombie […because, why wouldn’t I draw myself as a zombie, right?]. Limited to 10 editions, if you want to have a stake in the future EUC VLOG’s, here’s your chance to own a freshly minted zombie Kommienezuspadt! Read more
Collection: Comic Illustration
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 200 SWAP.HIVE