Watercolor Kitty

Collection: Cute Animals

Total Edition(s): 5

I started with a pencil sketch, I kept the lines as thin as possible so they don't show through the watercolors. I added many layers until done, I wanted the kitten to look as fluffy as I could manage. The whiskers are originally white, but they wouldn't be then visible in the painting. Finally I added a soft background glaze. Minimal color to not distract for the kitten, but still better than just empty paper. The colors look washed out in the photos because I took them outside during strong sun. I prefer drawing on the balcony if the weather is good and if it's relatively quiet/peaceful. I've shared the full art process on my Hive blog. This painting is based on Rhonda's photo and I have her to permission to use this art commercially. A bit thank you to Rhonda for sharing her amazing photo with me! <3 I enjoyed painting this adorable kitten very much ^-^

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