Lord Evanvar Finds Mila

Collection: Keltorin Characters, Places and Scenes

Total Edition(s): 3

This is a scene from my story, it captures the moment when Lord Evanvar has found his young ward Mila after hours of searching. Here he finally spies her through a crack in the wall of the run-down shack she used to call home, although he is relieved to find her safe and well, he knows he can go no further, for her own safety. Now he must find a way to ensure her continued safety whilst maintaining his distance, going against his own wishes to do what is best for the young girl. His next actions must ensure her protection whilst hiding his involvement to have any hope of her continued survival. This is a scene from my story and whilst it has been written it has not been published, when it is published this will be the accompanying art. All of my art is created on a Wacom Intuos Pro and Pro Pen 2, using Krita and/or Gimp. Link to my story: https://peakd.com/@krystle/welcome-to-the-world-of-keltorin-the-keltorin-series-so-far

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