Restless in the Clouds

Creator: @litguru
“Rosalind woke up from a dream and watched Callisto drift across the clouds. The moon’s filtered light glowed with a purple hue and slivers of amber. Haunting like the skies above Enceladus. The clouds glowed and swirled against the glass in the viewing port. Ghostly apparitions. Strings of sense impressions. And peeking behind them, the infamous moon. With its jagged bottom, bitten by the runaway errors of quantum algorithms. The scale of the disaster mesmerized her. Yet, in spite of the magnitude of the blast, the moon managed to stay whole, broken but still glowing bright.” Arcas' Bones, episode 11.5/12 by @litguru. Arcas’ Bones is a 12 part story in which an exo-anthropologist is on a research field trip to a space biosphere that has been closed for a thousand years. His findings (or lack thereof) could decide the future of the strange world. I painted Restless in the Clouds for Chapter 11.5 ( In this episode, all hell has broken loose in the biosphere, and Rosalind is on her way to the research station. The story takes place near Jupiter, so I wanted to give the image a spectral and surreal quality. I tried to imagine what it would be like to sleep and dream while flying across an alien sky. I used watercolors on Archer paper. If you would like to read this slightly R-Rated story from the beginning, visit this url: The image stats are as follows: Size: 1212 × 1025 pixels, Resolution: 72 × 72 ppi, File Size: 957.5 kB, Size in Memory: 11.6 MB, Number of Pixels: 1242300 Read more
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