Mrs. Abner's English Garden

Creator: @litguru
“Mrs. Abner was rather proud of her English garden. Bellflowers shimmered with purple hues along with the geraniums, hollyhocks, primrose clusters, daisies, and roses, as well. She had also deviated from the typical design of her country and allowed Lamar, her gardener, to plant some exotic plants native to his land. The leaves and flowers were extravagant and had the most fascinating colors, shapes, and aromas. When she saw them sway in the wind, she swooned and sighed with pleasure.” Mrs. Abner’s English Garden, a short story by @litguru. I created this animation to accompany the short story of similar name, which I published in the Hive blockchain ( In this scene, Mrs. Abner has noticed something rather shocking down in her garden. She expresses “surprise and consternation” when she sees it. Unlock the story or visit my blog to find out what exactly has the lady so hot and bothered. The stats for this piece are as follows: Size- 4.12 MB, Length- 7 secs, Layers- 18, Keyframes- 171, Frame rate- 24 frames/sec, Unique images- 832, Dimensions- 2480 x 3508, Resolution- 300 ppi. Included with this NFT is an unlockable PDF document that contains a few notes on my creative and technical process, 2) a copy of the story originally published in Hive, and 3) my gratitude for your support. Thank you! Read more
Collection: Comedy
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 200 SWAP.HIVE