Frost Giant Outlook

Watercolor on 200 g fine art paper, scanned and digitally edited. Made as concept art for a board game project of my own called Western Shores. The game will be about Vikings exploring the unknown. This image depicts remnants of an outpost once held by Frost Giants somewhere among the icy straits of the Arctic Ocean. I'm just the side-kick and I'll be lucky if I make a total of ten or twelve (about 20%) of all the illustrations for the project. Any sales here directly help us fund the game. Initially, I intended to sell limited editions of the scanned works before they are resized and fit as illustrations for the cards we're about to print...probably next year for the first time. I was thinking about the number 9 for each artwork since it is a special number for the Vikings and we're making a few cycles of 9 cards each. So, for now, I am going to stick with this as the number of editions to be ever sold to collectors of art or fans of card games and board games. Physical originals will also be offered somewhere in the world at a later stage but this gone already. Owned by a couple of dear friends of mine. Read more
Collection: Western Shores
Total Edition(s): 9
List Price: 24 SWAP.HIVE