"Entry Level NFT!" by Richard F. Yates

Are you an art collector yet? YES or NO If YES: ---You are sophisticated and can appreciate the ironic commentary of this limited edition piece. You will buy it to show how clever you are! (It will UNDOUBTEDLY go up in value... Remember Cryptopunks? They couldn't GIVE those things away, and now...just TRY to get your hands on one!!! Better safe than sorry!*) *Not financial advice, just a cynical joke. We think you should buy one of these because it's funny...and so we don't destroy you! If NO: ---You probably don't think you can afford to be an art collector, but guess what! YOU CAN!!!! For only about $1.25 USD (give or take 50 cents) you can collect one of these extremely rare (only 13 in the world) works of crypto art, and be on the CUTTING EDGE of the NFT ART GLACIER as it carves its way through society!!! Doesn't that sound nice? Plus, you get to know that your purchase is directly contributing to the creation of MORE fun, humorous, weird, mental health supporting artwork! It's really a win-win-win. (The third winner will be announced at a future date!) ---Richard F. Yates (Artist and Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: Trash for Life (In the Haunted Honeycomb)
Total Edition(s): 13


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richardfyates janusface 791 Private 990 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
richardfyates aggroed 802 Private N/A
richardfyates howyoudoin 813 Private N/A
richardfyates hiveqa 824 Private N/A
richardfyates alienmuseum 835 Private N/A
richardfyates elgeko 846 Private N/A
richardfyates mr-monk 857 Private N/A
richardfyates jongolson 868 Private N/A
richardfyates mynftgallery 879 Private N/A
richardfyates jeffjagoe 8810 Private N/A
richardfyates mynftgallery 8911 Private N/A
richardfyates shortcut 9012 Private N/A
richardfyates richardfyates 9113 Private N/A