Caracas de Noche - videoarte

Creator: @nahupuku
Reinterpretación de la obra Caracas de Noche - videoarte @nahupuku Made in: XIAOMI REDMI 9 Vaporgram / YouCut Windows Paint Vídeoarte digital Inspirado en la obra CARACAS DE NOCHE, de la genial artista @assettaart - realizada en el año 2020 Digital video art Inspired by the work CARACAS DE NOCHE, by the great artist @assettaart - realized in 2020. Audios: FX Giltch10 (YouCut) / GroovePad / G Stomper app My city: Caracas is an exteme ultraviolence place and fit into madmax movie very well but in this lovely sunset we cannot watch that insanity, so, enjoy it... Read more
Collection: Caracas Chaotic Hell City
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE