First year in NFTShowroom by Eva Cortez

Creator: @evacortez
Celebrating my first year at NFTShowroom! Many thanks to the entire community of artists and collectors for your support this year! Here's to many more years to come! 2D digital animation on offer. Animation resolution 1600px x 2250px in GIF format. Completion date: December 1, 2021 Technique: Digital drawing and 2D animation Software: Medibang Pain Pro and Photoshop. You will have access to my Discord server. Once there you will have access to the exclusive channel for collectors. In this private channel I will share with you the release of new drops. Special gifts. Exclusive access to my creative process. By supporting the "Ellas by Eva Cortez" Art Project, you are not only promoting an artist, you are promoting Hispanic and female inclusion in the NFT ecosystem. Opening a world of opportunities for these artists. Learn more about this project on my website: Read more
Collection: Ellas by Eva Cortez
Total Edition(s): 10


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evacortez alienmuseum 432011 Private N/A
evacortez divinebeingness 432022 Private N/A
evacortez enn36 432033 Private N/A
evacortez pacolimited 432044 Private N/A
evacortez brutalisti 432055 Private N/A
evacortez natepowers 432066 Private N/A
evacortez elgeko 432077 Private N/A
evacortez bullauge 432088 Private N/A
evacortez akida 432099 Private N/A
evacortez howyoudoin 4321010 Private N/A