Tribute: HashKings (OoakosiMo RMIX)

Creator: @ooakosimo
The process is as rewarding as the produce, been learning, on so many levels, while playing, feels like a full time job :p "Plots and water are the foundation and facilitate the growth of seeds. Seeds create buds, buds create mota, mota creates seeds. To put it in the simplest terms possible: BUDS (fungible) can be burned to get a share of MOTA (fungible) which staked can give a share of the daily SEEDS (NFT) which can combine with PLOTS (NFT) which when given HKWATER allow you to harvest the seed for BUDS after an appropriate amount of time. HKWATER is mined from WATERTOWERS (NFT) which will soon be upgradable by paying CRAFTABLES (NFT) made from BUDS and paying some HIVE." - quoted from foxon via hashkings discord Link: Read more
Collection: InterDisciplinary HyperTraining Specials
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 8.88 SWAP.HIVE