Finding My Clitoris

While doing some research tonight I stumbled onto Glitoris!.html : “The Glitoris is a giant sparkling 100:1 scale model anatomical of a  clitoris - one of the most misunderstood parts of the human body. The Glitoris depicts not just the tip you can see above the surface but the entire organ: 18 different interconnected parts of muscle, nerves and erectile tissue beneath the surface.” This is the work of Alli Sebastian Wolf from 2017. You can see her and her sculpture in the print on the yellow dress in my art. This led me to searching for other cryptoart that depicts the clitoris, and there are very few NFTs of this. I decided to make a Stellabelle’s Top 5 NFT show about the clitoris, and showcase the few clitorati that exist in the cryptoart world. My art is loosely remixed from Mary Cassatt’s Under the Horse Chestnut Tree, which is public domain art. Read more
Collection: Miscellany
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