"A New Age Dawns..." (NFT+) by Richard F. Yates

[Acrylic pen, felt pen, pencil, brush pen, and metallic marker on 4 inch x 6 inch toned watercolour paper, 40 lbs stock.] This piece is the first of my NFT+ series. It's an experiment. (I've never used acrylic markers before!) I'm going to be doing a lot of experimenting in this NEW AGE. What MAKES this an "NFT+" is that I will MAIL, for no extra charge, the ORIGINAL PHYSICAL piece to whoever buys this NFT! If you decide to offer the "+" when selling the NFT, that's up to you!!! The first buyer will get the BONUS! My aim with this NFT+ is to get people interested in tying physical and digital works together, AND in collecting and trading physical works. I recently bought a piece from NFT Showroom and the artist is sending me the original, and I thought, "That's cool! I'll steal that idea!!!" There's an EASE to buying NFT art, but there's also a certain thrill about holding an original work in your hands, seeing the artists marks, feeling the texture of the piece... Now, we can do BOTH! Easily buy an NFT, have it in our collection, sell it with a few clicks---but also get the physical experience... That's my thought process for this project! More new images to come! ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: NEW GENESIS
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 40 SWAP.HIVE