Manhattan Two

Collection: LOOK! Stickers - Manhattan Series

Total Edition(s): 5

Manhattan Two is a digitally remastered version of a piece of sticker art that I placed around Manhattan a few years ago when I travelled there. The original was a carefully selected detail of a computer-generated fractal, which I then printed to paper and partially inked over. It was then scanned back into the computer for printing to sticker. The digitally remastered version is a photograph of the sticker with blur and noise added for warmth. The black and white original has been softly colourised, with pine-gold embossing added to some of the ink. Part two of a series of four. Strictly five copies of each available. Signed by the artist at pixel resolution bottom right.

almightymelon richardfyates 1 Private Thank you so much for supporting my work, I hope you enjoy it and it serves you well.