Drink Me

Collection: Arsenic Lullaby

Total Edition(s): 8

This is rare instance of me illustrating something without any particular request, need, or deadline. Just had the idea and felt like a challenge. Alice in Wonderland always sparks my imagination for some reason. This was originally done at 10x16 inches and every line was inked by hand with a brush...take a good look at the spots on the caterpillar, the hearts on the card, the wood-grain...a regular ol' brush is still the best way the do those and have any charm to it. Least that's what I tell myself. Plus...Alice in Wonderland stuff always looks good when it's done old school. anyways, this is 3oodpi at 3000x4496

arseniclullaby richardfyates 1 Private Thanks and congratulations! You own something I did just for "fun", and that is pretty damn rare.