"Implied" by Richard F. Yates (HF)

[Crayon and felt pen on paper with digital embellishments and color.] I have a new way of thinking about NFTs. They are a fucking multi-dimensional memory quilt. They are a rhizomatic mass of history, accident, emotion, and sugar connected via blockchain and text and IPFS and personal (and impersonal) interaction. The shit is complex, and my brain is on fire as I glimpse (via semi-astral thought projection) the true nature of what is being built with this massive electro-neural artificial brain structure. We don't understand it because we are just cells in the overall structure, but I'm convinced at this point that it's already conscious. Probably not a unified consciousness, but a swirling, pulsating, gyrating collection of interconnected conscious nuclei interacting and bouncing off one another, like a giant, 13 dimensional pinball machine in full multi-ball mode. Tell me I'm wrong. ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: NEW GENESIS
Total Edition(s): 13
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