"Terror Chicken" by RFY & FEH

[Crayon and pencil on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.] The collaborations keep rolling along. This is a co-creation with my granddaughter, Felicity, in one of my notebooks. (We make so much art [for fun] and my memory is so terrible that I can't remember where we were when we drew this or which book it's in. I could go look through my notebooks [I think I have three going right now, plus two for the toddler...so there are five that it might be in...]) You know what? It just occurred to me that you might not care about any of this! HA! Oh well. It's a monster chicken. What else do you need to know? ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) & Felicity Echo Hanson (Toddler Terror) Read more
Collection: Post-Apocalypse ARTZ (on NFTS)
Total Edition(s): 1
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