"Thunder" by RFY (HF)

[Crayons, felt pen, and mixed media collage with digital embellishments and color.] This is how we do it! When making stuff, particularly with my granddaughter, we get all kinds of stuff involved. Recycled materials, found pieces, collage bits, and so on will all go into a given work, so the creative process (for us) starts in the physical world. Eventually, however, the image will get sucked (Tron style) into the COMPUTER WORLD where (through magick that I don't understand) the piece will be transformed into a specifically and distinctly DIGITAL work! Yo! ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: Post-Apocalypse ARTZ (on NFTS)
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 13 SWAP.HIVE