Creator: @polyannie
#Three in the collection... 7 phases of painting went into this collection - a nameless painting created in the fall of 2020. I create abstract expressionist paintings using only my body, incorporating masturbation and squirting on my paintings. I live streamed the entire process on Bigo or Chaturbate, while filming it, edited it down to 7 videos, over 150 photos and a number of nfts. Not only an artist, I'm also into Currency Design, so I'll be experimenting around with some different approaches with this. I'm planning on documenting it all on All Hive value that is earned from this first collection is going to help fund my art collection, enable Currency Skunks experiments and build communities on Hive. 10 editions of the first, there will be fewer available of each as we go deeper into the collection. Obtain 1 of each released in this collection of photo nfts, I'll share the dropbox folder w/ the entire collection (150+photos, 30+ videos)! Read more
Collection: The First
Total Edition(s): 7


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polyannie rektdoteth 84911 Private 55 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
polyannie pacolimited 84922 Private N/A
polyannie howyoudoin 84933 Private N/A
polyannie secondrealm 84944 Private N/A
polyannie polyannie 84955 Private 444 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
polyannie polyannie 84966 Private 444 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
polyannie polyannie 84977 Private N/A