Lost in the Void

Lost in the void, alone and feeling the cold of my own loneliness, knowing that my suit and a little oxygen are what separate me from death, only there I managed to understand that there is no other place that is like home; the earth... -Memoirs of a Space Marine. Original Resolution: 5184 × 3456 px. Having seen The Expanse is what mainly motivated me to do this work, one of the great reflections that this great series left me is that in the entire solar system, human beings only have a single home that can house us without the need to use artifices or technology to allow us to perform functions as simple as breathing or providing ourselves with water. The earth is our only true home, and surely if we could all go out even once into space and feel the cold of the void for at least a couple of hours, surely most of humanity would not treat its only one so badly. House. With this piece I begin my journey through NFTshowroom, for those who still do not know me my name is Fran Afonso and I am an Emerging Visual Artist. The purpose of my works is to express my ideas in a forceful and direct way, and what better way to do it than through the Visual Arts? I love working with high contrasts, saturating colors until they pop, and constantly experimenting. I have many interests and ideas, so my work is very varied and I plan to present all my pieces within a single collection (Visual Universe). My goal is to reach people with my work and give those who decide to support me and those who like my work the possibility of owning even one of my pieces, so the sale prices will be quite accessible to the public. In addition to the fact that I believe that Art should be unique, which is why I am only going to mint 1 single edition of each of the pieces that make up this collection; so that there is only 1 sole owner in the world for each of my works. Today I am very excited to start a new stage in my artistic career with my first post here at NFTshowroom. I have already had experiences in markets such as Open Sea, davinci Gallery, Refinable, Kalamint, Woonkly, Hodooi, ScreenSaver World and Rarible; and now I come with fresh and new works only exclusive to be minted here at NFTshowroom. Thank you very much to those who have read this and I hope you can join me on my artistic journey. -Fran Afonso. Read more
Collection: Visual Universe
Total Edition(s): 1