Conejito Cojones

Collection: Conejito Cojones

Total Edition(s): 1

This nearly life like artist rendition of a bunny was inspired by seeing a rabbit outside my apartment window yesterday. Rabbits are such graceful creatures and with this art that grace has been encapsulated in this one of a kind drawing. While straying from the normal artistic style normally seen in artworks done by KLYE, it still holds some resemblance to the art brut style. Only 1 edition of this masterpiece is available and it is unlikely we'll see another scenic and lifelike piece from the artist for a long time to come. Truly a dazzling one off piece sure to create a stir in the NFT art scene.

klye thisnewgirl 1 Limited Reproduction This rabbit was drawn in a lifelike pose outside it now resides with you, take care of it! <3 KLYE