Big T was on a Hike...

The mind is a funny thing! I just felt like making dino art today. I picked a photo from a hike that I went on, weeks ago. I then started drawing a dino in Paint. It ended up being a T-Rex, instead of the usual raptor. While working on its nails, I was reminded of a hypersensitivosaurus story that I wrote months ago about the terror of nail-filing. I wrote a reference to that and added it to this piece. Meanwhile, my thoughts wandered off to Big. T, a character in ( November 2019's NaNoWriMo result ) "The Story of Hypersensitivosaurus". As a bonus for whoever buys this art piece, I added a couple of pages of the aforementioned ( "The Story of Hypersensitivosaurus" ), where we are introduced to one of its characters/ protagonists: Big T. Enjoy! Read more
Collection: The Story of Hypersensitivosaurus
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