Dino Fight

The following piece was inspired by a bunch of pictures that I took off my 4 year old niece and 6 year old nephew, while out on a hike. I asked them to act like dinosaurs and attack each other. This drawing was literally based on one of those photos. My nephew was acting as if he was eating my niece. In the original picture she is laughing though and my nephew is wearing a baseball cap. I was actually considering to just use photos and add dinoheads where their heads where but while around with this, it didn't feel right. I started out drawing with pens ( fine liner and ballpoint ). Used watercolor paint, the day after and then - once again, some fine liner. I topped it off with Portuguese sand, for extra rawness and a natural touch. Read more
Collection: The Story of Hypersensitivosaurus
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 30 SWAP.HIVE