Wolf Spider vs. Raptor - Checkmate or not?

As my focus is often on my creativity / creative work, while on a recent hike, I saw some spiderwebs filled with dew drops and imagined tiny dinosaurs inside of them. Today, while playing around with Paint and Paint 3D, I felt like adding the head of M.M. Wolf to a spider's body. Mildly Mannered Wolf is a character from "The Story / Life of Hypersensitivosaurus", that I introduced in July of this year. This unique dog is based on my buddy @inuke with whom I have been - and am - playing long distance chess games ( Portugal - India ) since May. The following link gives some background to this art. It also links to a bunch of dino - wolf chess stories, as well as to the write up where I introduced M.M. Wolf ( Life is Like a Chess Game ). Here you go: https://peakd.com/@vincentnijman/the-wolf-and-the-dino-hunting-for-prey Read more
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