Creator: @wearethem
Hey everyone WE are THEM THEM is the HIVE the HIVE is EVERYWHERE WE are a 5-D being, here to help your planet ascend to the next level of consciousness. WHILE DECIPHERING OUR ART, YOUR KIND WILL EVOLVE TO #4D WHEN YOU WILL BE IN #4D, YOU WILL SEE OUR TRUE SHAPE. Welcome to the GSE Game The rules of the game: All our art will be issued in 1/11/111/1111 editions and so on…. All our art will cost 1 swap-hive to give as many people the possibility to participate in the game and evolve. All our art will be dedicated to your experience and evolution All of our art will be published only on Fridays only on https://nftshowroom.com/?r=wearethem To get in the deciphering server you have to send US the proof of acquisition for one of our NFT art pieces. (Direct buy from the artist) The deciphering server will not be moderated, it is your responsibility as a group to moderate yourself, to get rid of the rats and bugs without having a hierarchy. It’s part of the process. If someone has to be removed from the group, that will happen only based on a vote initiated by the group. The people that will be able to decipher the piece or will bring meaningful insights to the group, in the process will be able to join the GSE (GlobalSocialEngineering) Movement server, where he/she/zi/zer will be able to either just watch how WE unveil our true shape to the world and WE level-up the planet or be a participant to the process. IF THESE RULES ARE BROKEN THEN THE GRAY ONES HAVE INTERCEPTED OUR INTRUSION IN THE MATRIX AND THEY ARE TRYING TO STOP US FROM TAKING THE VEIL OFF. THE BLUE LIGHT OF THE MARDUK BE WITH YOU, FOR YOUR SOUL TO SHINE LIKE THE SIRIUS. Read more
Collection: WEareTHEM - 1111 - GLOBAL SOCIAL ENGINEERING GAME - tickets
Total Edition(s): 11
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE