Hive Queen

About Hive Queen: this was created from several re-assembled public domain artworks and parts were drawn in. Four images were colored and then a GIF was created that blends frames in between each still image. This is dedicated to Traci York. "The queen bee is the dominant, adult female bee that is the mother of most, if not all the bees in the hive. A future queen bee's larva is selected by worker bees to be nourished with a protein-rich secretion known as royal jelly so that it can sexually mature.  A newly hatched queen begins her life in a duel to the death with any other queens present in the colony and must destroy potential rivals that have not yet hatched. Once she accomplishes this, she takes her virgin mating flight. Throughout her life, she lays eggs and secretes a pheromone that keeps all other females in the colony sterile." Read more
Collection: Hive
Total Edition(s): 7


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stellabelle traciyork 43901 Limited Reproduction N/A
stellabelle plantstoplanks 43912 Limited Reproduction N/A
stellabelle sloppywallet 43923 Limited Reproduction N/A
stellabelle wizardx 43934 Limited Reproduction N/A
stellabelle yellowdoodle 43945 Limited Reproduction 250 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
stellabelle stellabelle 43967 Limited Reproduction N/A