Was it Worth it ?

So it has come to my attention that @stellabelle is hosting a FUCK Wall street art contest - the winners will be chosen to be exhibited in a virtual [gallery](https://www.cryptovoxels.com/parcels/4026) the whole me and Wall street is a thing - back the the occupy wall street days I was up the whole week helping protesters avoid the cops by helping the coronation efforts - that it sadly turned into a shit show in the end does not take from the fact that the cause is and always was just. As long as the 1% , Banks and corporations are allowed to do what ever they want without repercussions there will be no real change - then and now one truth remains there is no hero coming - if we want change we need to be it and make it happen - if you are relying on politicians and religious leaders or god to get you out of the mess we humans created I hate to burst your bubble you will be in the same spot you are now and most likely worse - so whats it going to be ? You gong to keep on playing dead or do something !? Read more
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