Eon "Divine design"

Creator: @zaxan
"Come to me and your art shall be saved. Come to me and the end of all you know will not fall upon you. [...]. Build a large space, make in it different rooms and build different heights, for I will bring to earth an executor who will be in charge of destroying all that you know as art. All that you have created on earth will expire, but I will make a covenant with you, and your works and the works of yours will enter this space. Anyone whose art is pure will be saved. [...]. Prepare yourselves, for the day, is at hand, I give you this message, for I consider you righteous before me in this generation. [...]. That is divine design." --- Part of a small collection of Art called "Voices of Destiny" serving as the inaugural story of the @elarca project in 2018. Purchase this unique piece and unlock a static version in JPG format with a maximum resolution of 2400 x 3600. Read more
Collection: Voices of destiny
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 8 SWAP.HIVE