Eon "In the Eyes of the Great Arcane"

Creator: @zaxan
Éon looked once more at the sky. One by one he painted his stars on the canvas in front of him. The stars were his greatest hobby after painting and he spent his days traveling from place to place recording an artistic memory of each of the constellations he saw around the world. In the eyes of the "Great Arcane", Éon was a righteous man with a passion for the arts who deserved to wander at his side. --- Part of a small collection of Art called "Voices of Destiny" serving as the inaugural story of the @elarca project in 2018. Purchase this unique piece and unlock a static version in JPG format with maximum resolution of 2400 x 3600. Read more
Collection: Voices of destiny
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 8 SWAP.HIVE