Chill NIGHT | チルナイト

Something fun I was playing with in Arnold, Used the Test set from PIXAR, Had to change and add other objects to the scene to make it look more rich in details which made the lighting much more nicer to control, The idea is to mix Warm and Cold colors and create details in lighting. Done set dress, Texture Light and Comp I wanted to create a cool balanced feel btween the lights, Cold and Warm mixed btween a white ish feel, My idea behind it was to create more tricky light than just a straight up day light coming from outside the window, And by doing so my image will look avarage, So i had the idea of to do the details in the lights and create a cool feeling Read more
Collection: Chill NIGHT | チルナイト
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 200 SWAP.HIVE