Neon Macro Fungus

Creator: @aleister
Visual experience that results from a macro session, where the registered subject was a fungus that forms on the branches of a fruit tree. These microorganisms, when viewed from a macro perspective, take on extremely interesting geometric shapes, which complement each other in their development. This session was recorded using the timelapse technique and edited to obtain a more intense and colorful contrast. In its register, the variation of the focus field creates the illusion that the fungus moves perceptibly to the human eye in a time space considered normal. ||| ||| ||| // ||| ||| ||| Minted date: 31.03.2021 Collection: Abstract Macrolandia Original Resolution: 1920 x 1080 MP4 FPS: 30 Tools used: Canon600D | Inverted Lens + Photoshop CS File Size: 31 154 176 bytes bytes Read more
Collection: Abstract Macrolandia
Total Edition(s): 3
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