ReBorN fRoM FiR&

Creator: @aleister
Digital experiment that started with a video session on a macro level, carried out in a controlled environment through a high fps recording in order to subsequently obtain a slowmotion result as clean as possible. The final result originated in the application of a mirror effect and oil style, ending with a brief soundtrack that accompanies the evolution of the video. Although the visual experience was prepared in an abstract way, at the end of the shoot, where you can conclude that it is the beginning of the shoot, it is also possible to identify the subject. keep watching :) ||| ||| ||| // ||| ||| ||| * Minted date: 12.04.2021 * Collection: Abstract Macrolandia * Original Resolution: 1920 x 1080 MP4 * FPS: 30 * Tools used: Canon600D | Inverted Lens + Photoshop CS * File Size: 26 771 456 bytes Read more
Collection: Abstract Macrolandia
Total Edition(s): 3
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